Antique and Vintage Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs are a designer go-to because of their classic aesthetic and durable construction. The rugs are also known for their bold color pairings that make them an eye-catching focal point in any room. But with a wide variety of styles and sizes available, it can be overwhelming to find one that best suits your space.

The cradle of modern day Turkey, Anatolia, has been a meeting point for numerous Asian roving tribes over the centuries, and these cultures have contributed to the rug-making traditions that exist today. From symbol-filled Anatolian designs to palatial medallion carpets, the Turkish rugs that are most coveted by interior designers incorporate intricate patterns and symbolic representations that embody a rich cultural heritage.

These rugs can be woven in a variety of ways, including by hand-knotted methods and by symmetrical or asymmetrical knotting techniques, based on each region’s distinct style. Often, the weavers utilize natural dyes to create rich colorways with subtle variations. These colors can help to anchor a room, whether it’s through the use of muted tones or more vibrant shades that complement an existing palette.

The rugs are usually made from wool, and they can feature a range of shapes, sizes, and colorways. Some of them may be overdyed after they’ve lost their original color to bring out the design or to add a new element to the piece. Some rugs are also antique or vintage, which means that they’re one-of-a-kind, and can serve as an excellent conversation starter in your home.vintage turkish rugs

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