Benefits of Renting Apartments in Dubai Marina

The district of Dubai Marina in United Arab Emirates is a beautiful canal city, conceptualised and artificially created along a two mile long stretch of the Persian Gulf shore. Expected to house over 100,000 residents in residential villas and towers, the area is also home to the Dubai Media City, the American University in Dubai, and Dubai Internet City.

Dubai Marina is coming up as a prime property where many people from Western Europe are residing. Counted as one amongst the high-end residential areas of Dubai, it is a region desired by many people moving to Dubai and looking for rental accommodation for long term, as suggested by various real estate companies in Dubai.

Dubai Marina is perfect for those who wish to rent an apartment in a modish and fashionable area within Dubai. The area has some of the very prominent names in the real estate industry, bringing the Marina Park, Marina Promenade, which offer generously proportioned community living developments. There is a huge variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options around the area, apart from all the basic amenities being in close proximity.

Most of the apartments in Marina are luxuriously done in terms of interiors, flooring and furnishings. Majority of apartments benefit from gym facilities, recreation area, and swimming pool and car parking spaces. Although, it is good to check before renting an apartment that you do not end up with a premium apartment with 3 bedrooms, offering only a single car parking space!

There are many sizes of apartments available in each building. Another way of benefitting from this feature is that you could also find an apartment to rent which has the same layout and same number of bedrooms, but the overall size and proportions can be smaller or bigger. This gives you so much choice to find an apartment suitable to your requirements. Sometimes it happens that you like the layout of a particular residential property but you find it too big to rent for yourself. However, Marina properties have a lot of choice available for you in every sense.

Although the traffic going in and out of the Marina is a bit troublesome and varies to some extent with the location of an apartment, you will not have problems travelling in & out of the region if you opt for the Dubai Metro’s red line connecting to the other parts of Dubai. By 2014, Al Sufouh Tramway will also reach completion stage to serve the resident of Dubai Marina.

For those who like proximity to nature’s beauty, Dubai marina apartments can also offer splendid sea-facing views with some apartments. The region is excellent particularly from the point of view of being close to the lovely beach and the sea. Real Estate Brokers Dubai

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