Buying a Complete Kitchen Cabinet Set

Cabinets are the backbone of every kitchen. Base cabinets are the structure that holds your appliances, while hanging wall cabinets make your space look great. If your cabinets are in disrepair, or you’re sick of doors slamming together when opened, it might be time to spring for an upgrade. But new cabinets are expensive, and experts say they’re likely to continue rising in price.

To cut costs, consider a complete kitchen cabinet set. These are ready-to-assemble models sold by home centers and online. Some even offer a choice of pre-installed hardware and drawer fronts to save on installation expenses. However, be careful: These affordable options tend to use cheaper construction materials, such as particle board rather than plywood. Plywood is stronger, resists dents better, and looks more durable.

If you want to spend a little more, consider semi-custom cabinets. They’re made to your exact measurements and come with more style choices, but are still less than custom work. Some even offer features like hidden hinges and a built-in electrical outlet. Another option is to look for a local millwork shop that specializes in furniture. These shops typically provide more customization and are able to offer unique colors, finishes, and details that you might not find elsewhere.

In general, homeowners who buy cabinets from Home Depot report positive experiences. But be sure to review all of your options, including prices, and get a thorough cabinet-measuring job done by professionals. Even a small error in measurement can lead to costly delays or reinstallations.

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