Buying Kitchen Cabinets From China

Purchasing wholesale cabinets from china is a great way to get high-quality cabinets for your home at a much lower cost than what you would find locally. However, there are several things to keep in mind when buying kitchen cabinets from china. Choosing the right materials, conducting thorough research and bargaining with sellers are all important factors to consider when purchasing these cabinets.

Firstly, check the cabinet manufacturer’s profile on Alibaba and note down their details such as year of establishment, factory location, audit reports, production license, ISO certification, and customer feedback. Also, make sure that they offer a warranty on their products. A lifetime limited warranty is an excellent sign that the company trusts in their product. Similarly, a one-, five- or ten-year warranty is a good indication that the manufacturer stands behind their work.

Most Chinese manufacturers use plywood for their RTA and semi-custom cabinets, while American manufacturers mainly use particle board. Plywood is a multi-layered wood product that’s more durable than particleboard. Both are made from a mix of sawdust and non-wood plant debris that’s then pressed together with adhesive or glue.

A few Chinese cabinet makers have started to use environmentally friendly raw materials such as two-pack and black marine plywood for their cabinets. These products are low in formaldehyde and offer a natural wood appearance. However, these products may not be available in all locations because they must be specially ordered. Other options for environmentally friendly raw materials include Thermofoil and laminate, which are less expensive than solid wood. kitchen cabinets from china

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