Choosing Portable Pumps For Fire Fighting

Whether battling the flames of a building, wildfire or the fire of an historical monument, firefighters need access to water to keep the fire under control. Portable pumps provide the water that’s needed to fight fires, and can be moved to the scene with ease to help extinguish the blaze and prevent further damage. Generally, fire fighting pumps are driven by diesel or petrol engines that are fueled with 4 stroke unleaded fuel to provide a robust and reliable pumping solution.

There are several different types of fire fighting pumps available, depending on the needs of the department. For example, a high pressure fire fighting pump is an ideal choice for departments that need to spray water in skyscrapers and other tall structures. This type of pump can produce up to 1100 psi to help fight fires in these difficult locations.

On the other hand, a medium volume/medium pressure fire fighting pump is the ideal choice for filling booster tanks on apparatus, and supplying 60 gpm through 2 1/2 inch discharge hose at 90 psi net pump pressure. These pumps work well on minor structural fires and for providing water to fog nozzles that can reach the interior of a building.

The next consideration when choosing a fire fighting pump is the maximum head of the pump, which refers to how much water the pump can push through the hose at a given time. It’s important to choose a fire fighting pump with a high max head, as this indicates the pump has the power to shoot water at high pressure toward a fire. If you’re shopping for a fire fighting pump, look for this information in the product specifications.

Finally, when selecting a fire fighting pump, you’ll need to consider the discharge port size and suction port size of the pump. Make sure the hoses you plan to use with your pump fit the diameter of these ports. Additionally, be aware that some fire fighting pumps have multiple hose ports, with each port capable of supporting a different hose diameter.

Comet offers the best portable pumps for fire fighting, designed to provide the highest level of durability and performance. Choose from electric or recoil start models with single or twin impellers and either a roll frame or chassis mount setup. Comet fire fighting pumps also feature low-flow capabilities, setup flexibility and quality components to smother the flames and save lives.

Contact us today to find out more about our fire fighting pumps and how we can assist you in finding the right solution for your situation. We offer both diesel and petrol engine options, with a variety of sizes available to suit any need. We can even customize your pump to meet specific application requirements. Our goal is to ensure you get the portable pump you need to protect your property, buildings, people and pets.

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