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People who didn’t hear from loved ones after the Christchurch earthquake tried many ways to reach them, including calling their phones and those of friends and family, using public forums, ringing 111 and visiting locations in the CBD where they believed their missing relatives might be. Some were able to find them.


Property Investors typically purchase two-bedroom townhouses (usually in areas like Addington and Linwood) to take advantage of the city’s affordable rental yields. However, investors with a higher deposit or lending capacity may choose to invest in more expensive standalone houses.

Navigate the map below to find out which Christchurch suburbs have historically grown in value fastest and to discover new property investment opportunities.

You can also use the tool to discover which suburbs produce the best gross rental returns in Christchurch. This will help you make the most of your equity and income growth. Opes doesn’t recommend investing in properties in Christchurch that cost more than $750k, as you’ll likely get better capital growth up north (like Auckland). Click the blocks to learn more about each suburb.


New Zealand’s second-largest city was thrust into the spotlight after a series of earthquakes destroyed thousands of buildings and killed many people almost a decade ago, and the terrorist attack on two Christchurch mosques in March 2019. But while the ruins of past hardships remain a constant reminder of tragedy, downtown Christchurch is now an animated scene of rebuilding and cultural creativity.

In this property video Christchurch you’ll find a striking Z-shaped home being built in the suburb of Fendalton. The $9.5 million house is a one-of-a-kind in Christchurch, and its build cost alone is five times more than the median value of a home in that area. It is designed by the award-winning Auckland architects RTA Studio.

The interior of the home is a study in contrasts: dark against light, angular against organic, ancient with modern. The designers have used concrete, steel and glass to create spaces that are simultaneously dramatic and calming.

The video of the Christchurch attack, shot by an unidentified attacker, is a chilling reminder that modern technology can be used to spread hate. But despite the tragedy, the community is determined to continue with its work of love and tolerance. The city’s Muslim community has also remained strong, exemplified by the imam of Al Noor mosque, Gamal Fouda, who led prayers after the massacre and declared that evil ideology would never triumph over love and unity.


When Michael Wilson first put his three-bedroom house in Christchurch on the market, more than a dozen prospective buyers came to view it. But none of them made a firm offer.

This home, in the suburb of Fendalton, is one of the most distinctive houses under construction in Christchurch. Designed by Auckland architects RTA Studio, it is five times the size of the average Christchurch house.

Its exterior features a series of Z-shaped planes that appear to resemble the wings of a bird or a spaceship. Inside, it has a large glass foyer and a double-height living room with a fireplace and wood panelling.

Christchurch is one of our top picks for property investment in New Zealand, thanks to its undervalued prices and growing population. But where are the best areas to invest in? To help you answer that question, we’ve created this map that shows you which Christchurch suburbs grow in value the fastest. The redder the block, the faster the growth. You can also use the map to see which suburbs produce the highest gross rental yields.


If you’re planning to hold an event in Christchurch, you should consider hiring a professional audio/visual equipment rental company. These companies will rent out microphones, speakers, amplifiers, projectors, and TVs to suit your needs. They also offer high-end sound systems and professional lighting to ensure that your guests are fully entertained throughout the night.

For property investors, Christchurch offers some affordable New Build investment properties. Opes typically recommends 2-bedroom townhouses in places like Addington and Linwood, or on the outskirts of Christchurch (such as Halswell). Properties in Christchurch start at $539,000 and rent for $480-$490 per week.

While Christchurch house prices have slowed down from their peak, they are still more affordable than those in Wellington and Auckland. This relative affordability is helping the city to withstand the global property market downturn and is attracting first-home buyers. Nevertheless, the city’s relative affordability is expected to be short-lived as house prices continue to catch up.

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