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From the city’s tall skyscrapers to neighboring towns like Blacklick, New Albany and Westerville there is a lot of glass in Columbus. Whether from natural disaster or vandalism, it is important to have security window film installed on your building’s windows to help protect people and property. Columbus window tint can also help meet local energy benchmarking ordinances for large commercial buildings. Window Genie of East Columbus is a 3M Platinum Large Commercial certified dealer. We service all of Central Ohio including East Columbus, Blacklick, New Albany and Westerville.

The Benefits of Window Tint in Columbus, Ohio

Window tint helps reduce glare, heat and UV rays. But it is important to choose a reputable tinting professional and stay up-to-date with Ohio’s window tint laws.

A window tint violation can result in hefty fines and may also impact your auto insurance rates. Fortunately, contesting a window tint ticket is relatively straightforward.

Heat Rejection

Heat rejection is one of the most significant benefits offered by window tint. It keeps the interior of your car significantly cooler, allowing you to maintain ideal temperatures without having to blast the AC all the time. This saves you energy and money.

All tint helps reduce the amount of heat that enters your vehicle, but some films do a much better job at this than others. Some of the best quality films available today are ceramic or IR rejecting window tints. These have a very nice, non-reflective appearance and do an excellent job of cutting heat, UV rays and visible light, while remaining transparent to the driver.

The 3M Prestige Series is a good choice for the Columbus area, as it is a high-performance film that is non-reflective and does an excellent job of blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, while rejecting up to 60% of the sun’s heat. It also provides durability and scratch resistance to your vehicle’s windows. It’s available in virtually any shade you can imagine, from dark to clear.

UV Protection

The sun’s harmful UV rays can damage the interior of your vehicle as well as your skin. Quality window tint can block 99% of these rays, helping to protect you from melanoma and premature aging.

Choosing the right window film for your vehicle depends on local laws, and what features you prefer. Most states require a minimum VLT (visible light transmission) percentage for front side and rear windows. This is typically determined by the law enforcement agency in your area.

Basic dyed window film sandwiches a layer of polyester between an adhesive and scratch resistant top coat for a flat, non-reflective appearance that can reduce the amount of heat entering your vehicle. This type of film is inexpensive but does not offer the same performance as higher end options. Ceramic and IR (infrared) rejecting films are the next level up in performance. They are highly durable, come with a lifetime warranty and have a beautiful, non-reflective appearance that doesn’t interfere with electronics. They also offer industry leading amounts of heat rejection and glare reduction.

Reduce Glare

Window tint allows a certain level of visible light into your home or building without compromising the safety and comfort of your environment. Using spectrally selective technology, our solar control window films reject infrared heat while encouraging visible light transmission to prevent uncomfortable hot spots and glare on televisions, computers, and eye fatigue. This results in improved energy efficiency throughout the year, saving you major utility bills and improving overall comfort for your family or employees.

Glare can be a dangerous distraction while driving, making it difficult to see the road ahead. Tinted windows can significantly reduce glare, increasing your safety while reducing eye fatigue and headaches.

The most advanced ceramic film is extremely durable and can withstand scratches, fading, and harsh weather conditions in Columbus, Ohio. This film is also shatter-resistant and can strengthen the glass in case of an accident, reducing the risk of injury due to broken glass. Additionally, it can last longer than traditional tint and provide a sleek look to your car. In addition, it offers a wide range of benefits, such as heat rejection and UV protection.


Window tint is a thin laminate film sometimes infused with metals that adds an opacity to your windows. It is available in a wide range of colors and shades to meet your needs. The darker the tint, the less it will show from the outside. This provides privacy and keeps your valuables safe from people peering in.

Home and commercial applications of window tint are becoming more common. Window tinting blocks heat, reduces glare, fading, and blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. It also keeps your property safer from crime and natural disasters and lowers energy bills.

Window film is easy to clean and maintain, and it can be custom cut to fit your windows. It is also an affordable alternative to replacing old inefficient windows, and can pay for itself in lowered energy bills.


Window tint is a thin laminate film sometimes infused with metals that comes in many shades and colors. It can also be customized with a unique design to meet the needs of your business or home. It has a number of benefits including Heat Rejection, UV Protection, Privacy, and Security. Window tint protects the interior of your car from the harsh rays of the sun which can damage skin, and it blocks 99% of harmful UV rays in the home keeping you and your family healthy. It can also add security to your windows by helping them hold together in the event of a natural disaster or break-in.

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