Dental Equipment Suppliers in the UK

Equipping your dental practice with top-quality equipment is the key to delivering high-quality care and improving patient satisfaction. Choosing the right suppliers is the best way to minimise chair time, boost clinical outcomes, and increase profits. But, with hundreds of suppliers servicing the UK from home and abroad, it can be difficult to choose a reliable supplier who is trustworthy, reputable, and provides the standards and quality that you need.

The dental industry has become increasingly competitive, particularly in Europe. In order to successfully compete in this market, it is necessary for American dental product companies to have a distributor that can help them navigate the complicated European marketplace. A good distributor can provide valuable insight into the European dental supplies market, and help them build relationships with European dentists.

Founded in 1890, W&H Dentalwerk is a dental products manufacturer that is headquartered in Burmoos, Austria. They manufacture and distribute a wide range of dental tools, including handpieces and turbines, which are used by dental professionals to perform various procedures on patients’ teeth. The company has a worldwide presence and employs over 1,200 people.

Dental hygiene and decontamination specialists Cookson supply everything from dental burrs & cutters to ceramics, alloys, dental tools and accessories, and porcelain & wax products, from brands such as Hertz, Sirio, EC Dental, and Dumont. They also offer a comprehensive selection of air filtration systems, aprons, and bibs. They also sell Medisafe and Prestige autoclaves as well as Johnson & Johnson gas plasma decontamination units. dental equipment suppliers in uk

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