Divorce Lawyer in Kiryat

Kiryat is a northern Israeli town that lies in the hills overlooking Lake Galilee. It is a picturesque city with low-rise buildings and trees, which makes it a favorite tourist destination. It is home to a national park and Beit She’arim, the seat of the Sanhedrin in Roman times. It is also the location of the Misgav Am kibbutz and an army base.

Domestic disputes among the super-rich rarely end up in family courts, as those with money have a tendency to settle their differences out of court. However, that doesn’t mean that the rich never have marital problems.

On the contrary, there are plenty of cases where wealthy people in Israel find themselves in troubled marriages. One recent case involved a woman who sued her husband for post-traumatic stress syndrome. According to her testimony, her husband verbally and physically abused her for 36 years.

A lawyer, who specializes in divorce and alimony claims, can help you get back on your feet after a breakup. A good lawyer will listen to your problems and help you come up with a plan of action that is best for you. They will make sure that your interests are protected throughout the process.

Advocate Oron Schwartz-Narkis a partner in the Schwartz Narkis & Co law firm, specializes in litigation across the legal spectrum. He clerked at the Justice Ministry, and later worked at the Naor-Epstein law firm. Currently, he is a lecturer in the litigation clinic at Ono Academic College and teaches legal research and negotiation techniques at NEST. עורך דין גירושין בקריות

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