Electronic Analytical Balance Price

An electronic analytical balance price is a precision weighing instrument used for measuring the mass of very small objects or substances with extreme accuracy. They are commonly used in professional laboratories in a wide range of industries, including food, pharmaceutical and chemical, where even minuscule variations can impact meticulous weighing processes. They also feature advanced functions designed to eliminate sources of error and interference that can negatively affect delicate weighing tasks.

METTLER TOLEDO XSR analytical balances combine high weighing performance with user-friendly operation and essential quality assurance functions to support your everyday weighing tasks. Smart features such as SmartGrid, automatic doors and the results protocol simplify routine weighing tasks and help to reduce errors. In addition, the patented StaticDetect system detects static charges that can interfere with correct results while StatusLight and LevelControl verify all of the required conditions for accurate weighing.

The METTLER TOLEDO MS series of entry-level analytical balances provides essential functionality and solid performance to meet your lab’s sensitive, routine weighing applications. They are built to last with a metal base and a high-quality finish that stands up to tough environments. They are easy to use with large optimized color touchscreen displays that can be operated with gloves on and come standard with METTLER TOLEDO’s MonoBloc weighing cell and ProFACT internal adjustment.

Analytical & precision balances are highly sensitive instruments that need to be used in dedicated areas away from air disturbances such as vibration and breezes because these can cause inaccurate readings. This is why they are often placed in draft shields to prevent these environmental influences from impacting your weighing results. In addition, many ISO auditors require that you have an external calibration weight set for your laboratory balance to ensure accuracy. electronic analytical balance price

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