EV Charger Manufacturers

EV charger manufacturers help make the transition to electric vehicles (EV) easier by providing charging stations, also known as ports. These ports can be found at parking areas, gas stations, and many other locations. They are usually free to use, but some of them require an account to be activated.

As one of the largest EV charger companies in the world, ChargePoint makes hardware and software for EV charging. Their products include EV charging stations for homes and businesses, as well as a platform that lets owners manage and monetise their own public EV charging networks.

Founded in 1928, this company was originally a powertrain solution provider for the automotive industry. However, they have since expanded their offerings to include EV charging systems and solutions. Their products feature rugged designs and a variety of capabilities, including a robust network management system to ensure that charging is safe and efficient for users.

Leviton Manufacturing
Leviton manufactures Level 2 EV chargers that are designed to meet the needs of home and commercial applications. Their products are built to be easy to operate and reliable, and they can communicate with a vehicle or EV control system to provide usage data and reporting.

Compleo Charging Solutions
Compleo offers a variety of residential, commercial and public EV charging station options for a wide range of vehicle types. Their stations are simple to install and designed for a long lifespan, while their software provides advanced features to help EV drivers track and optimize energy usage.  EV Charger Manufacturers

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