Family Mediation Services

Family mediation is a process that helps families work through their issues in ways they can agree upon. The mediator, a neutral third party, guides the discussions by promoting effective communication in a safe environment. The goal is to settle their issues and conclude with a written agreement, that is usually drafted by the participants’ attorneys for filing with the court.

Mediation is often less expensive than litigation and may be able to resolve all of the issues in one day, saving everyone time, money and stress. It’s also a more private and confidential approach than taking matters to court, where all aspects of the dispute are open to the public.

The parties involved in the conflict know their situation best, so they are in a better position to create a solution that works for them compared with a judge who will apply standard law. However, in some cases, the dispute can become too complex or emotional to be resolved by family mediation alone. In those situations, the assistance of a counselor or psychologist can be helpful.

While mediation is typically done when a divorce is pending, it can be used to resolve other family issues as well. Parents who are divorcing or unmarried can utilize the process to discuss parenting issues, child support and other related concerns. Even married couples who are separating can use it to discuss finances and property division. Similarly, grandparents can seek help with issues involving their grandchildren. Family mediation services

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