Fenben Powder is a Highly Effective Worming Medication for Freshwater and Saltwater Tropical Fish

Fenben powder is a highly effective worming medication for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish. It is commonly used for camallanus worms, which have built resistance to the more common levamisole.

Veterinary grade fenbendazole is pure and free of fillers, which is why using the compounded form of this medication offers the best results. It is also recommended by veterinarians for use in birds, fur game and carnivora. Fenbendazole is a homogenous powder of white or gray color with specific odor insoluble in water. It is used for deworming of cattle, horses, sheeps, goats, pigs, fur game, carnivora and poultry infected by nematodes(mature and immature forms), some types of cestodes, trematodes and their eggs.

Compounded medications are created by a veterinarian or licensed pharmacist on an individual basis for a patient. They are often prescribed when a pet needs to be given an FDA-approved medication but cannot take it in capsule form, has a drug interaction with another medication or is allergic to the ingredients in the generic version of the medication. fenben powder

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