Find a Hairdresser For Curly, Wavy and Textured Hair

Curly hair is a gorgeous thing, but finding the right salon to care for your bouncy kinks, coils and swirls can be a challenge. Folks with wavy, curly and textured locks often spend years barber-hopping and salon-sampling to find the right stylist who can truly understand their unique mane.

A true specialist recognises that curly hair requires different cutting techniques to straight hair, and that each person’s curl pattern is different. They take into account each individual’s lifestyle, future follicle plans and how much time they can realistically spare to maintain their new ‘do between visits.

This is why we’ve gathered together a list of Gina approved salons that specialise in working with curly, wavy and textured hair to ensure your locks stay bouncy, frizz-free and fabulous. You can find a hairdresser near you to give your curls a well-deserved trim, and teach you the best techniques for keeping your textured strands in check between appointments.

Curly hair is not just for women, and we know lots of men who have a head full of beautiful kinks and waves that deserve some serious love and attention. That’s why we’ve gathered together a range of hairdressers near you that offer expert haircuts for both men and women with curly, wavy and layered hair. They can help you achieve your dream hairstyle, with curls that bounce and show a little bit of sass. So don’t wait any longer, book your next appointment and say hello to smooth, glossy, hydrated and gorgeous hair. curly hairdresser melbourne

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