Fire Hydrant System Mechanism

Fire Hydrant System is installed to provide active fire protection and it is also the source of municipal water supply which is provided to the fire fighters to enable extinguish fires rapidly in rural, urban and suburban areas. These systems are also known as Johnny pumps or fire plugs. An insurance discount is applicable for the buildings near the system of fire plugs because the fires can be extinguished more rapidly by the fire fighters in the insured property.

The Role that Fire Plugs Play

The system of using of fire plugs date back to the seventh century. During that time, the fire fighters used to bore a hole by digging down to the main water supply area to fight fires by bringing out the water from the earth. A temporary well would get created out of this action and then the fire engines or bucket brigades were used to transport water to the destination of fire. Redwood stoppers were used to plug the holes and from there the system came to be known as fire plugs.

The Modern Concept

Now, in modern times the same concept has been improved by making holes at regular intervals throughout the cities which are equipped with risers and from the street level accessibility is ensured to the wooden fire plug point.

Role of the Hose

Fire Hydrant System has a hose attached to it to and to provide with a strong flow of water the valve is opened. The fire engines also have hoses attached to them which are used for enhancing the water pressure with the help of a powerful pump. A threaded connection is also used to connect a hose which serves as a direct quick connector. A system of fire plug should not be closed or opened too quickly to avoid water hammer which can harm the nearby equipments and pipes. The water is very heavy inside a charged hose connection and the high water pressure can result in stiffness which will not turn tightly while pressurized.

The Valves

The valves of the fire plugs are fabricated for the functioning of full on flow. In dry barrel hydrants, the valve arrangement consists of the dry valve which is operated for anything besides full operation as the partial opening of the valve can result in substantial flow. A hose with a connection of the fire truck, or a closed nozzle valve or closed gate valve is always connected with the hydrant prior to opening the main valve of the hydrant. Fire Water Pumps

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