Free Online Employment Law Advice For Employees UK

You can get free online employment law advice for employees UK from specialist solicitors. They can advise on the law about working conditions, including minimum wage and holiday entitlement. They can also help with unfair treatment and disciplinary procedures. They can discuss redundancy, and if you have been dismissed you may be entitled to compensation. They can also provide information on TUPE regulations and how to make a claim to an employment tribunal.

You may be able to get advice on an employment issue from the Acas helpline or an adviser at a local Citizens Advice Bureau or law centre. However, these services will usually only provide basic information and cannot represent you at a tribunal hearing or help you prepare a case for a legal challenge to your employment status.

Normally, you can only bring an employment tribunal claim within three months of being sacked (allowing for any extension of time that is agreed by Acas Early Conciliation). You may be able to negotiate with your employer to avoid going to a tribunal by agreeing a settlement. This will have to be recorded in a legally binding agreement and you should seek independent legal advice before putting it in place.

If you are a member of a Trade Union you might be entitled to free or discounted legal advice as part of your membership. Check with your Union or visit their website for details. You can also try a website called Advicelocal which lists Citizen’s Advice, law centres and other services that can provide help with problems in your area. free online employment law advice for employees UK

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