Functional Medicine Austin

Functional medicine austin is a holistic, integrative medical approach that takes a different look at your health problems than Western medicine. This area of practice focuses on finding root causes instead of just treating symptoms. The team at Austin Quan Yin uses a variety of functional medicine tools to assess your symptoms and uncover hidden metabolic, hormonal and nutritional imbalances that can lead to chronic disease.

Doctors who specialize in functional medicine undergo traditional medical school training and may choose to receive additional certification from The Institute for Functional Medicine. Unlike traditional physicians, who may only treat one illness at a time, functional medicine practitioners work with the whole patient, taking into account genetics, lifestyle and environment.

These doctors are skilled at solving complex, multifaceted health issues, which can be hard to manage in the face of daily life stressors and limited resources. They spend a lot of time talking to patients, recording detailed histories and gathering information about the cause of the patient’s illness. They often recommend a combination of natural treatment methods, such as acupuncture, supplements and meditation, rather than prescribing drugs.

The functional medicine approach is a natural and safe way to support the body’s ability to heal itself. Oftentimes, the symptoms of an illness are the body’s way of alerting you to something that is off balance. The goal is to find the underlying cause of the problem and treat it naturally, so your body can overcome the issue and return to good health.

People seek out functional medicine practitioners for a number of reasons. Many have longstanding and unexplained health problems that have been misdiagnosed or ignored by other doctors. They are frustrated by the lack of progress and hope to finally get to the bottom of their problem. Others are referred by a friend or family member who has also experienced unexplained or debilitating health issues.

A functional medicine practitioner will help you find the root cause of your health problems, and they will guide you on how to improve your diet, exercise, sleep, mental health and relationships. They will create a personalized plan that can be implemented over the course of months or even years to ensure lasting success. In addition, they will provide you with support and encouragement throughout the process.

Dr. Alejandra Carrasco is an Integrative and Functional Medicine physician based in Austin, TX. She founded Nourish Medicine in 2012 and is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner through The Institute for Functional Medicine and American Board of Integrative and Holistic Medicine. She is a best-selling author of the book Bloom: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health, Cultivate Your Desires and Reignite Your Spark.

Having spent over 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Alex believes that the body has an innate wisdom to heal itself when provided with the proper environment and nutrients. She works with clients to identify and treat the underlying causes of their health issues, and is dedicated to helping them live a healthy, vibrant and fulfilling life.

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