Hotels at Lake Garda

Located high above the sleepy lakeside town of Gargnano, hotel at lake garda is popular for those seeking tranquil, wellness, getaway-from-it-all breaks. The hotel offers stunning panoramic views across the Lake Garda and the wooded park which surrounds it, plus a spa that has won awards for improving clients’ sleep and posture problems. The warm Mediterranean climate and the stunning location make for a truly memorable experience.

A great choice for couples, a stay in one of the hotel at lake garda is sure to be romantic and memorable. The high-quality palatial resort offers a range of luxurious amenities that are sure to impress your partner, including choice couple dinners and access to the hotel’s fabulous spa.

There are also a number of smaller, boutique hotel at lake garda that offer a more intimate feel. Many of these hotels focus on design, with details such as futon-style or pared back four-poster beds and partition screens adding to the appeal. A few examples include Hotel Laurin and the Corte Pontigliardo country estate.

The hotels at lake garda are well situated to allow you to explore the local area, with many within walking distance of the town centre and the beautiful beaches. For those who want to go further afield, Verona’s small airport is less than an hour away and day trips to Venice are also possible.

Many of the hotels at lake garda are perfect for families, with a range of facilities that cater to younger travellers. These can include babysitters, playrooms, kids’ clubs and even activities such as water sports. Some of the hotels have their own on-site restaurants, while others are close to nearby eateries. hotel at lake garda

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