How to Order MAIJIN Machining Parts

Machining parts are metal segments that a machine cuts into precise shapes. They are used in a variety of industries and can be made from many different types of metals. Machined parts are sturdier and more precise than their non-machined counterparts, and they can replace other parts that aren’t suitable for certain functions.

Machining is a popular production method for making custom-made parts, because it provides the precision and accuracy needed for many applications. It can also be used to create complex designs in a wide range of materials, from metals like aluminum and titanium to plastics such as ABS and Delrin. The process is also relatively quick and cost-effective compared to other manufacturing styles, like casting or forging.

When ordering machined parts, it’s important to work with a company that offers both the technology and expertise necessary for producing high-quality pieces. A reliable machine shop will have a variety of CNC machining machines and a wide selection of milling and turning tools. They should also be able to handle a range of machining processes, from roughing to finishing.

It’s also important to consider how a part is designed before it’s machined. One common mistake is designing a part with areas that don’t require machine cutting, which adds to the run time and drives up the cost of production. For example, if a part has thick walls, adding some draft or changing the wall’s geometry to make it taper could help cut down on machining time and costs. A good rule of thumb is to keep walls’ thickness-to-height ratio to around 3:1.  MAIJIN machining parts

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