How to Save Money on Custom Invitations

Personalized invitations are a must-have to give your event the oh-so-pretty touch it deserves. Whether it’s a wedding, baby shower, birthday or holiday party, the well-thought-out invitation card sets the tone for your event and often determines whether guests will confirm their attendance.

Start with a clear vision of your invitation style in mind before searching through designers’ portfolios. A Pinterest board can help identify your style and guide you to finding invitations that best suit your taste. It’s also a great way to save your favorites and share them with others to get feedback.

Consider the amount of color you want in your invitations. Using more than one color on your paper can increase the cost of printing, as each additional color requires a separate plate and more labor. Similarly, a deboss (where the design is pressed into the paper without ink) counts as a “color” and adds to the cost.

Another way to save on printing costs is by choosing a flat design, also known as digital printing. This method is perfect for photos, watercolors and detailed illustrations. For even more savings, you can choose to not use a full color print on the back of your envelope, or opt for white ink instead of the color printed on the front. Etemply

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