How to Style Women’s Underwear

A pair of panties is more than just undergarments; it’s a small piece of your feminine identity. And because of their proximity to the skin, they’ve historically been used as a marker for class and gender distinction. Whether you’re wearing a bra-and-knickerbocker or a simple pair of drawers, it’s important to choose the right style for your needs and the occasion. This guide covers all your options, from hipsters to bikinis to thongs and high briefs.

Briefs provide lots of front coverage and can be crafted from cotton or stretchy fabrics. They can be mid- or high-waisted and come in various lengths. You can even find a pair that’s as short as a thong (aka a bikini brief).

A self-professed “granny-panty stan” loves these made-in-London knickers, which are emblazoned with chile peppers, and says they’re “sporting underwear.” They don’t ride up as much as her usual cotton underwear, and the silk fabric is more form-fitting without being rough on the skin.

If you’re prone to UTIs, opt for a pair of breathable and antibacterial organic cotton briefs. A merino wool blend can help too, or try a pair of hemp ones that are both super comfy and eco-friendly.

A shapewear option, control briefs tuck in more than just the butt, and are usually made from stretchy synthetic fabrics that can cause yeast infections if you wear them too often. You can also get them in a more sustainable material like modal, which is made with one solid piece of fabric and requires less energy than making traditional panties. women’s bamboo underwear

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