How to Turn Amber Alerts Off on Your iPhone

If you’re constantly getting AMBER alerts on your iPhone, you may want to turn them off. They can be really loud and annoying, especially if you’re trying to sleep or work.

These alerts can be very helpful for law enforcement and other agencies. But they can also be quite intrusive.

1. Go to Settings

You may have noticed that your iPhone sets off AMBER alerts whenever a child goes missing in your area. It’s a helpful feature that helps police track down missing kids, and it’s available on all iPhones. But if you’re getting these notifications and you don’t like them, you can turn them off on your device.

You can do this on an iPhone by going to Settings. Once you’ve opened the app, you’ll want to scroll down until you see Government Alerts. This is where you can disable AMBER alerts or enable other emergency notifications.

Then, scroll down further to Wireless Emergency Alerts and toggle the switch next to AMBER alerts off. This will stop your iPhone from sending out AMBER alerts in the future, and you can also toggle off other wireless emergency alerts if you want to.

2. Go to Notifications

One of the most common questions Google searches have been asking lately is “how to turn off amber alerts.” Many people are sick and tired of a sudden, jarring noise or emergency text message that interrupts them. It’s a problem that affects both iPhone and Android users.

AMBER Alerts are important emergency notifications that are issued by law enforcement authorities to help locate and recover kidnapped children. While they may be helpful in certain cases, the grating sounds and urgent messages can be distracting.

However, it is possible to disable these alerts so you can focus on what’s most important, whether that be a meeting or sleeping. Fortunately, it’s easy to do so and will save you from having to deal with these unnecessary interruptions in the future.

To do this, you’ll need to head over to your phone’s Notifications settings. You can find this section in the Settings app on your device, after you’ve entered your user information and connection settings.

Once you’re there, scroll down to Government Alerts and toggle it off. From here, you can also turn off other emergency alerts systems.

The alert tone you choose will override any Do Not Disturb setting that you have on your phone. This is because AMBER alerts are designed to be heard even when your phone is set to silent.

But it’s still best to be prepared and listen to these alerts because they may lead to the recovery of a missing child. And if you do receive an Amber Alert, you should do everything in your power to help find the person or persons responsible for that kidnapping.

3. Go to Government Alerts

If you’re getting a lot of AMBER alerts on your iPhone, it may be time to disable them. This can help you focus on the things that matter to you and avoid being distracted by random notifications.

AMBER alerts, also known as America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response, are notifications that go out from government agencies when a child is missing in an area. They contain important information about the kid and the abductor, as well as the vehicle they might be travelling in.

These are useful for locating children, but they can be a real nuisance when you’re in a meeting or trying to sleep at night. Plus, these alerts often break through your device’s “Do Not Disturb” settings and can use the maximum volume of your phone.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to turn off Amber alerts and other government-issued notifications on your iPhone. All you need to do is navigate to the Government Alerts setting in the Notifications section of your iOS device’s settings.

You can toggle off or turn on all sorts of different government alerts under this section, including Amber, Emergency, and Public Safety Alerts. The toggle switches make it easy to pick and choose which alerts you want to receive and which ones you don’t.

However, remember that if you disable AMBER alerts on your iPhone, you’ll still get Emergency and Presidential Alerts. These are issued by government agencies in order to warn you about a range of emergencies, from extreme weather conditions to missing children.

To turn off Emergency alerts, you need to swipe down the screen to reach the GOVERNMENT ALERTS section of your Settings app. Once you’ve tapped this switch, it will turn gray.

Next, you need to swipe down again to reach Wireless Emergency Alerts. This is where you’ll be able to turn off AMBER alerts on your device, as well as other types of wireless emergency notifications.

4. Go to Wireless Emergency Alerts

If you’re sick of receiving alerts for AMBER and other government emergency notifications on your iPhone, you can turn them off easily. The process is similar to how you would on an Android device, but with one big difference: on iPhones, there’s just one setting you can use to disable them all.

If your phone is equipped with an iOS 14.5 or higher version, all you need to do is head to Settings -> Notifications and scroll down to the Wireless Emergency Alerts section. Tap the toggle next to Always Deliver and select whether you want to receive AMBER, Emergency, and Public Safety alerts or not.

While AMBER alerts are a valuable resource for law enforcement agencies, they can be annoying and disruptive. They often use a unique emergency tone that bypasses local sound settings and screeches a loud, jarring tone as soon as an alert is sent out in your area.

That noise can spook you, especially when you’re sleeping or working on something that requires total concentration. However, they’re vital to keeping you safe and helping authorities locate missing children, so you shouldn’t disable them.

The same thing applies to other government alerts, including severe weather alerts, Presidential alerts, and others. They’re usually set to on by default, so they’re a good idea to keep them on for emergencies like tornadoes and flash floods.

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