Instant Hot Water Tap

Adding an instant hot water tap to your kitchen can solve many household chores. Not only is the 98+ degree water dispensed quickly, it takes up less energy than heating a kettle does.

These small taps are connected to a compact tank fitted underneath your sink, out of view. The heater only heats water when a button is activated.


Whether you want to boil water for coffee, tea or noodles, heat a pan of soup or blanch tomatoes and other vegetables to remove their skins, or wash dishes, an instant hot water tap can save you the effort of having to fill and empty a kettle. They also take up less space, helping you declutter your kitchen and freeing up more workspace for other activities.

When you activate a boiling water tap, a heater in the appliance instantly heats your home’s pipes to bring the water up to 94 degrees Celsius (nearly boiling). These taps are typically small, portable electric models without a tank and work in the same way as hot-water-on-demand systems for showers.

The best way to choose a model for your home is to consult with a professional plumber who will ensure you get the right instant hot water solution, such as a tankless system. This is also the most economical option, as it avoids the cost of buying and running a large electric hot water heater and keeps your energy costs down.

Alternatively, you can install an insulated hot water tank under your sink or choose a plumbed in instant hot water system that connects directly to your mains water line and has a separate cold water spout for washing up. Both Zip and Billi offer a range of filtered instant hot and boiling water taps with trendy faucet styles in modern finishes. They dispense instant boiling water and have a safety switch that requires you to press and hold the lever together to release, eliminating the possibility of scalding accidents.


As the name suggests, instant boiling water taps dispense near-boiling water as soon as you press down and turn the handle. This makes them a safer alternative to kettles, which can be a serious hazard for children and elderly people who might not notice that the hot water is actually flowing out of the spout.

A sophisticated safety mechanism ensures that Quooker taps can only be activated by a complex press-turn movement, eliminating the risk of kids ‘accidentally’ turning them on. The safety feature also helps reduce energy costs by ensuring that you only ever boil the exact amount of water you need.

Instant hot water taps can also be fitted with water filters that help to improve water quality and reduce harmful impurities. This is a great way to give your family the best possible drinking water and can help to cut down on the volume of single-use plastic bottles that end up in landfill. These filtration systems can be added to either boiling or hot and cold taps, depending on your preference. In addition to reducing limescale and bacteria, these filters can also remove cysts, lead, mercury, asbestos, chlorine taste and odor, and 2,4-D. For extra convenience, a filtered boiling water tap can be configured to dispense both hot and cold water at the touch of a button.

Energy efficiency

An instant boiling water tap utilises a small heater that heats only the amount of water needed. This prevents the waste of energy associated with heating and reheating the same volume of water that is used again and again, such as when using a kettle.

This also reduces electricity bills and the associated environmental impact.

Boiling water taps can also be much safer than a traditional kettle, particularly for young families. The water is stored in an insulated tank and only activated when you press the tap, meaning pets and less-mindful family members can’t accidentally get burned by the hot tap. The water flow is also finer and less intense than that of a kettle, making it unlikely to cause scalding.

Many models of instant boiling water taps feature adjustable temperature settings, allowing you to select exactly the right temperature for each task. This makes the taps more versatile and easier to use.

Regardless of the model you choose, it’s important that your instant boiling water tap is installed by professionals to ensure the plumbing and electrical connections are made correctly and to maximise performance and safety. Professionals can also help with any additional functionality you may be considering, such as multiple dispense taps or filtering capabilities. These options can enhance the performance and aesthetic of your kitchen and improve your overall quality of life at home.


When shopping for a hot water dispenser, look for a model that offers a wide variety of options to suit your needs and preferences. Some models offer different temperature settings, while others have built-in water filtration systems. Others are designed to be energy efficient, ensuring that you only use the amount of hot water that you need.

Instant boiling taps, or hot water dispensers as they are also known, save you time and effort by providing piping hot water at the touch of a button. The best instant hot water taps will be easy to install, and come in a range of trending styles. They are also highly durable and will not break easily.

Many people are under the impression that a boiling water tap will dispense water at 100degC, however, this is not the case. Instant boiling water taps will dispense water at around 94degC, which is near boiling point. Some models are capable of delivering more than 0.8 litres at one time, but the temperature will decrease as the water is tapped. The best instant boiling water taps will also have safety features such as child locks to prevent accidental burns. They will also come with a warranty to give you peace of mind. They will be a smart addition to any kitchen. They will allow you to make a range of hot drinks and other culinary tasks with ease.

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