Kiddush Fountain

A Beautiful Silver Kiddush Fountain With A Main Goblet And 8 Small Cups To Match, This Is A Fine Centerpiece For Your Shabbat Or Jewish Holiday Table. It Makes A Wonderful Gift For Shabbat, Jewish Holidays, Passover, Weddings, Births, A New Home, Or Just As A Special Treat!

A kiddush fountain (sometimes called a wine fountain) is a fun way to serve wine to your family and guests during Shabbat or Jewish holidays. It consists of a central stand with cunningly hidden pipes that deliver a gentle flow of wine into a set of beautiful matching cups that sit on the base of the fountain. When you pour the wine into the Kiddush cup on top of the fountain, it gently flows downward through the pipes and fills the set of smaller cups in a beautiful cascade.

Traditionally, the head of the household fills a special cup with wine or grape juice before the Sabbath meal and recites the Kiddush prayer and blessing over it. The wine is then either poured into individual cups and passed around or, the objectively most fun of all options, poured into the top of a kind of merry-go-round-looking silver object that has narrow grooves cut into its plate-like surface, into which the wine trickles through tiny tributaries into a set of smaller matching cups that circle it.

Whether you want to buy a traditional or modern kiddush cup, a nickel or silver plated one or a gorgeous crystal glass version, aJudaica has a wide selection from Israel’s most beloved Judaica artists. These stunning objects make great gifts that will be treasured for generations to come. kiddush fountain

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