Let’s Go Fly a Kite: Scotland and Beyond

The desire to fly is arguably as old as civilisation. The sensation of soaring through the air,Guest Posting dropping off precipitous cliffs and floating effortlessly above the trees is deeply rooted desire that lives in all of us. It is no surprise that our need to emulate and extend this desire to something we control developed early on. This happened in the form of the kite. Today, kite flying is a high-tech sport with simple technology; specialty kite shops can be found in most major cities, and whether staying at Central Glasgow hotel or a Brighton beach house, kite flying is one an activity you will never you know you missed until you try it. The Kite Flying Society of Great Britain

(the KSGB) is the national administrator of organized kite flying events and societies. They maintain a list of rules and regulations for proper kite flying etiquette, which include many common sense instructions for safely operating and flying a kite in public, looking for proper conditions, and respecting the space of others (including proximity to airports or towers whose function might be compromised by the kite). They host a variety of events through the UK which is when the real airborne dazzlers come out, including kites shapes as fantastic animals and characters or dizzying geometric designs that ripple and twirl through the air. Kite flying does take some practice and access to open flat terrain either near a seaside or a somewhat high elevation that catches the wind is ideal.

The KSGB has many smaller societies affiliated with it such as the Kite Society of Scotland, which hosts monthly kite flying sessions that anyone can attend and participate in. Kites are a great way to get out and see the countryside when you are travelling—you can even buy a small disposable kite that can provide ample entertainment for an afternoon. If staying anywhere from Perthshire hotels to Penzance pensions, kite flying is an excellent activity that involves fresh air and the out of doors. Anywhere you go, a kite can be sure to follow. kite kurzy

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