One Bernam – The Name Bernam Street in the CBD

One bernam is a Malaysian word referring to a group of six individuals who cook together. The name is also a reference to NPR’s popular show Car Talk, which Berman helped start with the Magliozzi brothers in 1987, and has become a public radio institution. Berman currently serves as the benevolent overlord of the show, and is the executive producer of its many spin-offs, including Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

Bernam Street, off Anson Road, is on the URA’s confirmed list of sites for residential-with-commercial use. As part of the CBD Incentive Scheme announced in March, developers can increase their gross plot ratio (GPR) — and the number of units – by up to 30 per cent.

The ones with the name Bernam are exceedingly domestic and care deeply about their home and family, but they must avoid becoming too absorbed in this area of their life to neglect their own personal needs and ambitions. They enjoy challenges and rivalry, and will strive to become the best in their field.

They also love to help others, and will often put their own needs aside in order to do so. They should be careful not to overdo this, as it could lead to depression and a loss of self-respect. Despite this, they are a warm and friendly person, and those around them will usually feel at ease. This is why they make such wonderful caregivers and friends. one bernam

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