Peptide Nasal Sprays Deliver High-Quality Clinically Proven Peptides

Peptide nasal sprays deliver high-quality, clinically proven peptides that can help you achieve your wellness goals. With over a dozen peptide therapies to choose from, reaching optimal health is within reach. Focal Point Vitality is proud to offer Semax, a highly effective peptide spray that works wonders for your brain and body.

Nasal inhalation is an ideal route for delivering proteins and peptides to the CNS, bypassing the BBB and minimizing systemic exposure. The olfactory and trigeminal nerves offer a direct pathway to the brain. However, despite this potential for nasal inhalation (IN), most published studies that use the approach use liquid formulations like emulsions and suspensions, and only rarely use formulations in the solid-state.

A team of scientists has developed a nasal spray that augments the brain’s natural mechanism to help prevent seizures and protect neurons in models of both Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. The spray they designed, called A1R-CT, works by inhibiting a protein that helps ensure that the protective mechanism itself — which tamps down the hyperexcitability of neurons that disrupts normal communication and produces seizures — doesn’t overdo it.

In addition to inhibiting neurabin, the A1R-CT peptide also increases the action of another protein that reduces excessive electrical activity by making neurons less polarized. The researchers found that a single nasal spray of A1R-CT reduced the number of neurons killed in both their seizure and Alzheimer’s models by up to 50%. The peptide’s ability to reduce excess neuronal activity has also led them to consider the possibility that it might be useful as a seizure rescue drug.

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