Pick Up Lines to Make Her Fall in Love With You

Pick up lines can help diffuse nerves, lighten the mood and get you and your crush talking and laughing. They’re also a great way to practice English. The key is to keep them short and succinct, as well as making sure that they’re original and not the same boring comments every other guy is using.

The best pick up lines are based on real observations of the woman in front of you, rather than being overly sexual or humorous. This shows that you’re confident and that you have an active mind, and it’s much easier for her to trust you and engage in a conversation with you.

It doesn’t matter what you say, however, as much as how you say it and what energy you project from the onset of your interaction with her. Too many self proclaimed “experts” and blogs try to make it sound like a line alone will have her fall in love with you, but this is unrealistic in the dating world.

The next level of pickup lines are more playful and funny, but they still require confidence and a grounded frame to work. These will work well if she responds with a laugh, but they can quickly turn into a polarizing interaction that makes her feel uncomfortable or like you’re trying to manipulate her.

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