Prevent Yourself From Becoming The Victim Of A Public Mass Shooting

The Omaha Nebraska mall mass shooting made me realize that myself or a member of my family could have been one of the victims. It has become apparent that mass public shootings is becoming more and more common in American society. We can no longer go about our daily lives with the belief that we are safe while out in public. Those innocent victims in the Omaha shooting entered that mall with no concerns for their safety because malls are supposed to be safe. I have never walked into a mall and thought to myself “I wonder if some lunatic will start shooting people here” In American society we have always had the understanding that public places are rarely the scene of violent crimes. A criminal would much rather find a potential victim who is not in a crowded public place because the odds of getting caught are high much higher.

The problem is that with these mass public shootings we are not dealing with a typical criminal who wants to commit his/her crime and then get away. The person planning the mass public shooting has no intentions of getting away because he/she fully intends to commit suicide or be killed by the Police. The mass shooter chooses a public place because it is full of innocent and usually unarmed civilians who are easy victims. The mass shooter wants to kill as many people as quickly as he can which is why the crowded public places are chosen.

It does us no good to try and understand why these people decide to murder innocent people before killing themselves or being killed by the Police. The human mind is complex and not fully understood and we may never know what triggers a person to commit mass murder. The important thing is for civilians to understand that the mass public shooting rampage is a real threat and steps need to be taken to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Here are my ideas on keeping yourself safer while in public places:

1. Obtain a concealed firearms permit

Seriously look into obtaining a concealed firearms permit if your state allows it. More and more criminals are carrying concealed firearms so it only makes sense for you to carry one. Having a concealed firearms permit is a huge responsibility and it is not meant for everyone. Each state has their own rules for who can apply for a concealed firearms permit and the rules are meant to weed out those individuals who have no business carrying concealed firearms. You know yourself better than anyone and if you don’t think you are responsible enough to carry a concealed firearm, then don’t.

2. Purchase a firearm that is right for you

Find a local shooting range or shooting club and talk with someone who is an expert in the field of firearms. Tell this person that you are interested in obtaining information on handgun models for concealed carrying. This is an important step because if you intend on carrying a gun concealed in your waist band you don’t want to buy a big bulky gun. Women have it made because they have a lot of options on what type of gun to buy because they can carry the gun in their purse. Men have to conceal a handgun in their waist band, pants pocket, ankle holster, or carry a fanny pack. I prefer to carry my concealed handgun in my waist band because I feel that I can get to it quickly if needed. I like fanny pack but I don’t like the fact that I will have to take time unzip the bag if I need my gun. A ankle holster can be good if you practice drawing your gun quickly from a standing and seated position.

3. Become proficient with your firearm

Don’t even consider being a candidate for a concealed firearms permit if you don’t have the time or desire to go to the shooting range. If you can’t hit the targets at the shooting range, how can you engage an armed homicidal subject in a crowded public place. When it comes to becoming proficient with a handgun you have to practice, practice, practice, and then practice some more. You don’t have to become an expert marksman but you need to be proficient with your handgun. Think of your handgun as a tool that you have to aide you in staying safe and you need to know how to operate your tool

4. Think like an off-duty cop while in public places

I have been a cop for over 18 years now and when I am off-duty I am constantly scanning my surroundings for signs of danger or suspicious activity. This comes naturally for Police Officers because our job is all about watching and observing people and our surroundings. When I had 2-3 years on as a Police Officer I found myself seeing things while off-duty that my friends and family never saw. I was beginning to think my friends and family were blind but I realized that my job had turned me into a human surveillance camera. When I enter a public place I immediately scan the area immediately around me. I am looking for a person or persons who are acting out of the norm for a law-abiding civilian who is in a public place. A person wearing heavy clothing during warm months or someone looking around frantically would be suspicious for me. When you start watching people in public you will see that 99.9% of the people go about their business in the same fashion. When I am at work on routine patrol and I see someone acting out of the norm for a law abiding citizen, I become suspicious. When I am off-duty I also become suspicious when I see someone acting out of the norm for a law abiding citizen. I the scan the area the furthest away from me for signs of distress or danger such as people running, yelling, or a crowd gathering. Think of yourself as a walking human surveillance camera. You are walking around the public place and the whole time you are scanning and analyzing the people around you. Do it long enough and it will become 2nd nature as it is with Police Officers. stag party Budapest

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