Shoulder Calisthenics For Bigger Shoulders

Shoulder calisthenics are a key component of bodyweight training for anyone looking to build burly shoulders. Calisthenics shoulder workouts focus on building the front, medial and rear deltoids, upper traps and rotator cuff muscles to sculpt the shoulders and contribute to an overall powerful, well-rounded physique. There are a variety of shoulder calisthenics exercises from basic to advanced that you can incorporate into your training routine. Some of the most effective calisthenics shoulder exercises include pushups, pike push-ups, wall walk-ups, planche push-ups and lateral raises.

Unlike weight training, which typically requires a gym membership and specialized equipment, bodyweight exercises can be performed almost anywhere for free to build functional strength and an aesthetic physique. The best part is that you can choose from a wide range of exercises and create a customized shoulder calisthenics workout to target your specific goals. Adding variety to your shoulder-focused calisthenics workout can prevent muscular stagnation by incorporating both unilateral and bilateral exercises.

For example, the handstand push-up targets the anterior and posterior deltoids while also engaging the biceps and triceps muscles. The prone plank with dips, crab walk and elevated plank with pike push-ups are also effective shoulder calisthenics that can help you build bigger shoulders without the need for any additional equipment. If you’re a beginner to calisthenics, start with simple exercises like push-ups and then move on to progressively more challenging movements as your strength increases. For best results, aim to perform each exercise in a proper form and complete several sets with low to moderate reps.

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