Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket Head Cap Screw
Also known as Hex screws, Allen screw, or socket head set screws, Socket Head Cap Screws are a very common fastener used on assembly lines and industrial applications. They are some of the strongest screws available, providing a high level of torque specification (link to Tensile Strength and Torque Specification chart), holding parts beneath the head (the cup-shaped, hollowed end) and resisting rotational or lateral movement. They can also withstand vibration.

In addition, they have a built-in hexagonal internal drive that allows them to be installed and tightened using a standard Allen wrench. This makes them very easy to use in a variety of applications, making them a popular choice for modern construction.

Socket Head Cap Screws feature a unique design that distinguishes them from other types of machine screws. Their heads have a hex center recess for accepting a socket wrench. They have a lower profile than other machine screws and don’t require side clearance, which makes them ideal for applications with limited space.

They can be found in a wide range of lengths and diameters to accommodate different needs, including both inch and metric sizes. There are also a number of options for material types, allowing users to tailor the screw to their environment and application.

Some cap screws have a threaded shank that extends all the way down to the head, while others only have partial threads. This difference is important, as it can affect the screw’s ability to withstand pressure or vibration over time.

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