The Bamboo Wardrobe – Eco Clothing For Any Occasion

When you mention bamboo most people think of the long cane-like grass much favoured by gardeners and pandas. So when you talk about a bamboo wardrobe people may assume you are talking about the closet itself and not its contents.

However, bamboo is not only a useful building material it can be turned into a material which can make eco-friendly clothing suitable for any occasion.

Bamboo is a fast growing and sustainable grass. Entire fields can grow, be cut, and regrow in a matter of weeks; therefore, bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural materials there is and as no herbicides or pesticides are needed to assist its growth it is incredibly eco-friendly.

Bamboo clothing is also manufactured without using any harmful chemicals and bamboo clothing has some other remarkable properties too. Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties and is reactive to temperature; it allows air to penetrate, allowing you to remain cool, but also it can retain heat when it gets cold.

For this reason, as a material it has often been used as bamboo sports wear and active wear, like bamboo yoga clothing. However, there is much more to bamboo clothing than just sports gear.

Bamboo makes fantastic socks, indeed, because of its anti-bacterial and breathable properties it can assist people who struggle with foot odour, excessively sweaty feet and conditions like athlete’s foot.

But bamboo can also be stylish. A wide range of bamboo t-shirts, jumpers, shirts and tops are now available for men, women and children. And, as bamboo is as equally soft as cotton, there are also bamboo towels and even bamboo baby clothing available.

And as bamboo is so sustainable, it is not expensive either. You’ll pay no more for a good quality bamboo clothing as you would for a comparative product in cotton or nylon.

For many people who wish to be eco-friendly but remain stylish, bamboo is really good alternative to many fibres and materials we normally buy. So, whether it’s a bamboo polo shirt, top, new jumper or just a pair of socks – think bamboo for an eco-friendly, stylish and comfortable alternative. women’s bamboo leggings

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