The Best CBD Oil Products in the UK

If you live in the UK, there’s probably no shortage of CBD products lining your local high street. A quick search for ‘CBD oil’ on the major retailers’ websites will reveal a wide variety of products, from oils to fizzy drinks and bubble baths. However, with a wealth of brands on the market making what can seem like miracle-cure claims, finding the best product can be challenging. The good news is that, since the UK legalised the production of CBD oil in 2022, quality products are now readily available at reasonable prices.

With the popularity of the wellness supplement skyrocketing, it’s important to note that companies selling CBD oil are not allowed to make specific health claims about their products. That said, these products are generally aimed at alleviating pain and stress through a number of mechanisms including regulating sleep patterns, soothing anxiety, and supporting the immune system.

Whether you’re a long-time CBD user looking to try something new or you’re a first-timer, these are the best CBD oil products that the UK has to offer.

EIR Health works to create pharmaceutically formulated CBD products that meet the specific needs of customers in the UK. Their CBD oil tinctures are created using organic hemp plants and undergo rigorous independent tests for potency, purity, and safety. The result is a premium CBD oil that offers an array of wellness benefits, from improving mental clarity to relieving anxiety and sleep issues.

As a brand that is often found on many ‘Best CBD’ lists, Love Hemp has a reputation as a top quality product, offering a broad spectrum full-spectrum extract that contains a multitude of cannabinoids and terpenes. The result is a potent oil that’s also easy to swallow and has a pleasant, earthy taste. What’s more, the company is committed to sustainable farming and ethical business practices.

Vibes CBD is a newer name in the UK CBD market, but they’re already building up a strong presence in the wellness sector. The company produces a premium-quality CBD oil that’s infused with a broad spectrum of beneficial compounds and enhanced with a carrier oil (hemp seed oil) to ensure faster absorption in the body for more immediate self-care effects.

OTO’s best seller is a high-strength, unflavoured CBD oil that is made from organically grown hemp and independently tested for potency, purity, and safety. It contains an impressive 1000mg of CBD per bottle and is packed with a carefully curated blend of natural ingredients that are believed to support sleep patterns and calm the mind. The result is a premium-quality CBD oil that’s available at an affordable price point. You can find the product at a number of online retailers, including Holland & Barrett and Superdrug. Best CBD Oil Products UK

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