The Pitfalls of Smoking and 4 Tips to Quit

Finding the best method to quit smoking is like the holy grail, its a modern quest for some people, taking courage, will power and a bit of help and support, but amazingly satisfying and lucrative once you’ve done it. If you’re a long time smoker it is a lot harder to achieve than it appears.Most people can cease smoking for a short period but then something stressful happens and they start again, making them annoyed with themselves and feeling a failure. This then makes them lose the impetus and they don’t try again for a while, until their health deteriorates and they are forced to try again.

If you are looking for help to stop smoking, you probably have already tried a few times unsuccessfully but still recognise that you need to for your health’s sake. When I finally succeeded many years ago I found that I had tried various methods and none had much effect. I even stopped for over 6 months one time and went back after going through a stressful period, but not only did smoking not help, it made me more unhappy with myself for giving in to the habit. Giving up for a period and then going back should not really be treated as a disappointment though, we are sometimes too hard on ourselves. Even a small success is good, and shows it is possible to do it.

There are many reasons to quit smoking:

The consequential affect on your mouth, throat, lungs, and heart leading to ill health in later life and the treat of cancer, or heart disease.

The anti-social affect especially in a group of people who don’t smoke – you feel like a modern-day outcast and have to sneak a sly cigarette whenever you can.

The smell of nicotine on your clothes and furnishings at home, even your car gets to smell stale if you smoke when driving.

The cost! Most smokers treat the money spent on smoking as a requirement, similar to food and this leaves less cash remaining to spend on lifes real enjoyment such as nights out, holidays and entertainment.

With so many negatives it is surprising that it is so difficult to give up, but the fact is that smoking is an addiction and the nicotine you are taking in creates a craving that builds up and makes it even harder to quit.Although this is true, there are 1000’s of people giving up each week and perhaps the success of others can be an inspiration to you.There are so many different methods available nowadays, with the advent of patches, electronic cigarettes and gums.Whilst these can help to a degree they really are crutches and you can then just replace the addiction to a nicotine substitute, Although they are cleaner and no doubt healthier you are still paying for them on an ongoing basis and you are still reliant on them for your nicotine needs.

Here are some tips to give you the advantage to stop smoking:

1) Give up at a reasonably stress free time. If you are stressed you will never achieve quitting smoking, Good times are when you are on a break from work, or vacation when you will also be in a different environment and routine than usual so the habitual side to smoking won’t have as strong an affect.

2) Try to avoid existing smokers where possible, so you don’t get tempted by them. Nowadays there are less people who smoke anyway so luckily this should be easier, I know when I tried giving up a few times I was tempted back when in social situations I was offered a cigarette that I felt obliged to reciprocate.

3) Try to find an alternative to smoking to take your mind off giving up. Replacing negative behaviour with more involving and enjoyable activities such as sport. dancing, or fresh air activities like walking or fishing, all make it easier to forget about smoking, by replacing smoking with another form of satisfaction. Fresh air activities will also be healthier and help you to recover from the years of smoke inhalation.

4) Tell your close friends and family of you intention to give up smoking, but no need to make it a big issue. Psychological studies have shown that by telling others of our intentions we tend to be more successful when we are trying to achieve life-changing behavior. gippro

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