Top 5 Employee Communication Apps

Whether employees are working in-house, remote, or adopting flexible work arrangements, a digital space that cultivates healthy internal communication is essential. This means choosing an employee communication apps that supports a range of working conditions.

The best apps offer a single interface for one-on-one and group messaging, as well as file sharing, channels, and more. They also connect to a suite of tools, including scheduling, time tracking, and HR management.


Nuovoteam is a mobile communication app that helps you manage your workforce, track their productivity, and connect with them on a variety of devices. It allows you to communicate with a team through instant messaging, share files and media, and contact them through VoIP, voice, and video calls. It also lets you monitor employee and productivity through newsfeeds, streams, and channels.

The app is compatible with a wide range of devices, from smartphones to rugged and custom PTT devices. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for employees to use, regardless of their device or network connection. Its features include an ultra-fast Push to Talk mobile application for non-desk and front liners, VoIP and video calls, file sharing, chat messenger, corporate directory, real-time newsfeed, and channel management. Its location tracking feature is a useful tool for monitoring employee work hours and gaining actionable insights. It is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries, including logistics and transportation, manufacturing, education, retail, and telecom services.


Streamline internal communications with Simpplr, an employee intranet that helps you connect and communicate with your distributed team. This digital workplace solution automatically sends notifications and updates to employees based on their roles. It also helps you keep important company information centralized and organized.

This platform is designed for a range of verticals and includes features such as content archiving, single sign-on, activity feeds, and user dashboards. It also offers social workspaces that are customized for different departments and teams. Additionally, it provides a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

LumApps is a cloud-based digital workplace, collaboration and communication tool that empowers the modern workforce. Its employee intranet and social features help organizations increase productivity, improve performance, and create a better work environment. The platform supports all types of users, including frontline workers, and allows employees to share files and information with one another. It also offers a wide range of features, including a centralized document management system, messaging and chat, and an organizational chart.


SnapComms is an enterprise-level internal communication tool with optional use as a critical incident management solution (with add-ons at extra cost). It provides a suite of tools to deliver company updates, announcements, surveys, and more. It also includes emergency mass notification capabilities for critical incidents.

The platform bypasses email to get messages directly to employees’ desktop and mobile screens. Its high-impact, visual internal communications tools get attention and help overcome information-overload. These include a direct desk pop up alert, screen saver, ticker bar, video, desktop wallpaper, and newsletter.

Communicators can choose from more than 60 templates that address every kind of communications need – leadership updates, employee wellness, system outages, cyber security and compliance. They can also create targeted content based on responses to previous messaging. The software can even be configured to automatically group employees into groups based on their location, user details, and more. Messages can then be delivered to them in the right language.


Whether you’re a remote worker or in-office team, Chanty has the features to support your workflow. Start conversations through high-quality 4K video calls or chat with team members in private. You can also share announcements through a chat or voice message.

In addition to chat and meetings, Chanty offers a Kanban board view for managing tasks. You can create a task from any conversation and assign it to your team members. You can also track task status and deadlines, as well as filter through tasks based on priority or date.

Chanty’s file sharing feature lets you upload and download files directly in messages. It also allows you to share code snippets, which can help developers stay more productive. In addition to the standard chat functionality, Chanty also offers one-on-one video calls and on-demand department huddles. It also makes it easy to onboard new employees and have them collaborating productively in no time. Chanty also provides a free plan for small teams that includes all of the platform’s core capabilities.

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