Top 5 Workout Supplies to Keep at Home

For fitness enthusiasts who prefer to exercise at home, having dedicated space with a few key pieces of equipment can make workouts feel more like a lifestyle choice than just an obligatory part of getting into shape. The perfect home gym should be comfortable and inspiring—think a space painted with motivational quotes or pictures—and set up to accommodate a variety of exercises, from cardio to strength training. The right gear can also amplify the results of bodyweight exercises, like squats and pushups, and add stability to core moves like plank knee tucks and crunches. And of course, there’s always the option to take it up a notch by using more advanced tools, like medicine balls or longer resistance bands.

For those who want to be ready for any workout, a pair of dumbbells is one of the best workout supplies to keep at home. Irv says these are the OG piece of gym equipment that can be used to train just about every muscle in the body, from legs and back to arms and shoulders. They’re especially convenient for total-body movements, and can be adjusted to a person’s current ability level with different sets.

A suspension trainer is another popular piece of equipment that can help people train at home for any movement, and is usually designed to be anchored behind a door or installed in a wall. The versatile tool can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty to adjust the challenge of exercises, and can even be used as a bar for hanging snatches or other high-intensity movements.

Medicine balls—which are solid and round, with a textured surface—are another great addition to any home gym. They’re used for both strength training and balance exercises, including ball slams and overhead throws, and are available in a wide range of weights. The top-rated Amazon pick on this category is a set of five medicine balls, which comes in sizes from 4 to 30 pounds, and can be combined for additional weights. They’re easy to store and use, and some people prefer them over smaller resistance bands because they offer more stability when using them.

While not essential to all workouts, a quality mat makes any floor exercise more comfortable and helps prevent injuries. The best workout mats are comfortable and supportive, with a nonslip surface and ample padding for all types of exercise. They’re also easy to clean and compact to fold up, so you can take them with you when traveling.

For the gym-goer who loves to supplement their workouts with shakes, supplements and pre-workout powder, gifting a restock is an excellent idea. It’s a simple way to help them stay motivated throughout the holiday season and beyond.

The home gym equipment we’ve listed here is the most important for anyone who wants to train at home, but there are a number of other useful accessories for those who prefer to get their workout on the go. A portable squat stand or yoga mat can be an ideal gift for someone who wants to train in their hotel room, or a treadmill and heart-rate monitor is great for those who want to train outdoors on a rainy day. workout supplies

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