Types of Fire Pumps for Sale

Fire pumps are used in water-based fire protection systems to increase the water pressure (measured in psi or bar) of an existing water source when it isn’t high enough to reach the water demand of the sprinkler system. This allows water to flow easily and quickly throughout the entire building or space in order to extinguish fires as quickly as possible. This is especially important in larger buildings like high-rises and expansive spaces like storage warehouses where the sprinkler system may cover an extensive area.

Fire safety professionals are responsible for assessing the needs of the building and the fire protection system, as well as providing the right fire pump for sale that is best suited to the property’s layout and requirements. The fire pump must also be regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with NFPA 20.

Choosing the right fire pump is essential to the safety of the people in your facility and the efficiency of the sprinkler system. This article will look at the different types of fire pumps for sale, and their various capacities and specifications.

Centrifugal fire pumps are the most common type of fire pump, and can handle a large capacity while providing a significant boost in water pressure. Water enters the suction inlet and is spun around by the impeller, which increases pressure by generating heat. This water is then discharged through the nozzle.

End suction fire pumps are a good choice for installations that require minimal space as the suction inlet and discharge outlet are in line with each other. They are also available in a wide range of rated pressure capacities and can be powered by either an electric driver or a diesel driver. fire pumps for sale

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