Types of RV Fridge

There are many different types of rv fridge available to RVers. They come in different sizes and use a variety of power sources. Some can be used on either AC or propane power while others are strictly powered by 12V DC. It is important to consider all of the factors involved in selecting an rv refrigerator before making a purchase.

Absorption refrigerators use a complex ammonia mixture to keep food cool. They take longer to cool down than compressor fridges and need to work harder if it’s very hot or at higher altitudes. They also have a tendency to freeze foods on certain shelves in the freezer section and need to be defrosted on a regular basis.

Residential-style refrigerators are sometimes used in rvs because they’re spacious, inexpensive and not temperature sensitive like absorption fridges. However, they tend to leak and need a lot of maintenance. They can be damaged by a lack of proper venting as well as extreme cold and heat.

Another popular type of rv refrigerator is the thermoelectric cooler. These fridges don’t use refrigerants but instead use moving electrical current to move warm air away from one end of the refrigerator and cold air to the other. They are usually smaller than compressor or absorption fridges because they can’t provide as much cooling. They also don’t run as efficiently on AC power and must be plugged into a power inverter to work properly. If you’re planning to camp on shore power only, this might be a good choice for your RV. rv fridge

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