What is a Live Casino?

A live casino is a hybrid of online and real-world gambling that uses live video streams to connect punters with professional croupiers in the comfort of their own homes. This symbiosis of Internet and organic probability bridges the gap between virtual casinos and bricks and mortar establishments, arguably delivering the most authentic experience available outside of physical casino sites.

Typically, players access a live casino through a web browser or mobile device connected to the player’s preferred gaming site. These platforms act as an interface to connect the player with the live casino studio and enable them to interact with the croupiers through a live chat function. This social element adds to the overall enjoyment of a live casino and helps players feel more at home, removing some of the sense of isolation that can come with online gambling.

While a live casino is not as quick to load as a traditional online casino game, the quality of gameplay can make a difference. For a live casino to work, the video stream must be stable and have the capacity to handle multiple connections at once. This means a high-definition video and audio feed, robust software to process bets, and a stable connection that can cope with peak times.

The best live casino sites will also use a reputable game provider. This guarantees fairness, as well as extra security protocols to protect against hacking and information leaking. A reputable UK game provider will also have a proven track record of supporting players across the globe. slot88

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