What is an Industrial Dehydrator?

An industrial dehydrator is a specialized machine designed to remove moisture from a wide variety of materials like fruits, vegetables, herbs, meats, plastics and more. It works on the same principle as drying clothes in a dryer on a sunny day – eliminating moisture inhibits the growth of microorganisms that spoil products and makes them lighter for shipping.

Whether you are looking to start your own home-based food dehydrator business or you just want to add dry ingredients to your drinks and meals, this affordable digital dehydrator is the perfect addition to your kitchen. It features a 10-tray design that allows you to create delicious jerky, dried fruit, veggies and herbs, as well as a mesh tray for small foods.

With its patented forced air design, this powerful commercial dehydrator can efficiently and evenly dry the products placed in the trays. It is powered by a high-temperature resistant fan and can circulate up to 9KW of heat.

Our advanced dehydrator features a customizable controller and a specially designed aeraulic circuit that ensures consistent product dehydration. You can choose from continuous or discontinuous dehydration and even run the machine in ambient mode, without activating the heating element.

In a world where preserving goodness is critical, industrial dehydrators are becoming unsung heroes. These specialized machines help preserve food, other materials and even protect equipment from harmful oxidation. Read on to learn more about dehydrators, including how they work and the advantages of using them in your business.

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