What is Blonde Hair?

Blonde is the light color of hair that usually contains traces of yellow or gold. This is a hair color that can occur naturally or be dyed. It is believed that blond hair developed in people living in or descended from northern Europe, possibly to enable better vitamin D synthesis with sunlight because of lower levels of melanin in the skin.

Some style guides advise against using the noun blonde because it can be used to objectify or stereotype the person it refers to, but this is still widely common in everyday usage. It is also used as a generic adjective, and in this context the spelling blond is favored over blondee because it has lost its gender-specific connotations.

The word blond has long been associated with femininity, and was portrayed as the paragon of beauty by ancient Greek artists like Aphrodite. It was also a popular coloring for women in the Middle Ages. In Nazi Germany blond hair and blue eyes were seen as Teutonic traits, embodying features of the master race.

Generally, blondes have more of the pigment eumelanin compared to brown hair colors, which have less. As a result, they tend to fade faster, and have a more porous texture. Despite this, it is possible to take a dark brown hair to blonde, and the key is to use the right lightening products for your client’s specific hair type.

To achieve a true blonde, pre-lightening and toning is essential for the best results. Toning will help to neutralize the brassy tones that can cause hair to turn orange and yellow, and it will also allow the underlying eumelanin to fade more evenly, leading to a longer-lasting lighter result. Blonde

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