What’s the Best Portable Pump

The best portable pump should be small enough to fit in your handbag or diaper bag, quiet and have a battery life that lasts more than two hours. The Motif Duo is the lightest option we tested (it weighs less than a pound), but it also has a ton of features, including a back-lit digital display that shows your suction level, timer and memory function, and Natural Nursing Technology that imitates newborn sucking, helping to increase milk flow. The app it comes with lets you control your pumping session and monitor your milk production. But it can be confusing to use and requires more external tubing that can get tangled or snag on clothing or other items in your bag, and its storage bags hold less breast milk than some others we tested.

The lightweight, wireless double pumps from Bellababy are a mom-tested and approved favorite. Their soft silicone flanges feel comfortable against your breast and they come with ten milk collection bags for easy storage. You can adjust the pumping settings with a touch-sensitive LED display, and choose from four suction modes and nine pumping levels. The rechargeable lithium battery holds a charge for up to two hours of pumping and it takes about three to four hours to fully recharge.

It’s a great option for moms who want to be free of cords and wires while they pump and it has nine excellent pumping levels, including a high-powered setting that’s good for expressing thicker, more stuck milk. And unlike some other pumps, it doesn’t come with a set of shield kits that you have to buy separately (though they are available online). Instead, at checkout, you can select your desired size, making sure the pump is just right for you.

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