5 Selling Skills Managers Must Have to Build a Winning Team

Everybody knows that sales skills are a critical component to building successful teams. However, many managers struggle to define and develop a clear understanding of which sales skills are truly essential.

Insight Selling
The #1 skill separating Top Performers from The Rest is the ability to inspire buyers. This requires a strong balance of asking great questions, listening (versus talking) and connecting the product to stated or unstated needs. Top Performers are 88% more likely to excel in this area and help buyers create value throughout the sales conversation by establishing themselves as thought leaders.

Selling Process Adaptability
Most salespeople and business owners are notorious for giving up on their proven selling process when prospects push back on it. Instead, they immediately switch to old-school pitch mode. One of the most valuable selling skills is knowing how to stay the course in your process and hold firm when it’s challenged.

Proactively Investing Time
Salespeople need to be able to prioritize their time and focus on activities that will have the greatest impact on revenue. This includes maximizing their use of sales technology to streamline their communication and to identify opportunities for further engagement with their customers. It also means being able to accurately predict their prospect’s buying cycle and adjust the timeline accordingly. The right mix of these elements is key to improving sales performance and creating a winning culture within your team. Freelance

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