AA Car Finance

AA car finance can help you get behind the wheel of a new vehicle without having to put up a deposit or take out a second loan. You can borrow from PS1,000 up to PS40,000, although you will have to meet extra requirements if you are a new customer or would like to borrow over this amount. Loan terms range from one to seven years.

When you apply for a personal loan with AA, they’ll check your credit file to make sure you’re eligible and can afford to repay your loan. This includes checking your income, employment and expenditure to ensure you can afford the monthly payments. AA also checks whether you have any county court judgements (CCJs) or bankruptcies on your credit file. If you’re applying for a joint loan with a partner, both your credit files will be linked and any missed repayments will affect both of you.

If you’re approved, your AA loan will be paid directly into your bank account and the first payment will go out a month after it’s received. You can change the date of your next payment at any time but this could impact the amount of interest you pay.

AA also offer a leasing service which works like a long-term car rental. It’s more affordable than Hire Purchase and you’ll own the vehicle outright at the end of your term. You can shop for cars on a no-haggle online platform powered by TrueCar, and the AA will find you your ideal car from a local dealer. AA car finance

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