Advantages of Pre Insulated Ductwork

pre insulated ductwork is one of the most efficient and innovative systems used in HVAC applications. Its thermal and acoustic properties are excellent and the system is also fire resistant, air tight, and has superior mechanical strength. Its low weight makes it easy to transport, and the fact that it can be easily trimmed to fit different shapes makes it highly adaptable. Moreover, its high R-values and lower air leakage rates mean that you can save energy while still maintaining your desired indoor temperature.

The type of insulation used in pre insulated ducting will influence its durability, performance, and environmental impact. Natural and recycled materials typically have a lower environmental impact and health risk, while synthetic and virgin materials provide higher thermal resistance and durability. The price and availability of the insulation is also an important consideration.

Choosing the shape of your duct is another factor to consider, as some types of pre-insulated ducts are more efficient than others. Round ducts are the most efficient, as they have a minimal surface area and friction loss. Ducts can also be made in rectangular or flat oval shapes to suit different spaces.

Pre insulated ducts are also available with different noise reduction levels, depending on the type of insulation used in the system. Kingspan KoolDuct systems, for example, use a special NETO glass fabric on the inner surface of the duct to reduce noise emissions and create a quieter environment for building occupants.

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