Agency Accounts at UCSB

An agency account provides access to advanced tools and features, enabling agencies to perform their work with speed and efficiency. agency accounts are also useful for managing client relationships and ensuring client satisfaction. They allow agencies to manage their clients’ Google Ads accounts and provide them with the best possible service.

An account manager is responsible for understanding and communicating client needs to the agency team, coordinating with various departments to deliver on their commitments, and helping to develop strategies that meet client goals. They are a vital member of the agency team and play a critical role in building trust, ensuring client satisfaction, and retaining clients.

Accounting is the foundation of any successful business, but it can be a pain to manage for small businesses and independent contractors. When you have a clear picture of your numbers, you can make better decisions and avoid the costly mistakes that can arise from inaccurate reporting or bookkeeping.

An agency account is a type of account that is established by UCSB’s General Accounting for non-university entities whose activity provides benefits to the university community but does not involve the direct collection and disbursement of university funds. At fiscal year-end, revenue and expense transactions in these accounts are excluded from the university’s financial statements and are reported in accordance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board pronouncement 84. To request an agency account, submit the Agency Account Request form in KFS and follow departmental approval process.

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