Beaded Gemstone Bracelet

A beaded gemstone bracelet can encircle your wrist in a delicate yet powerful style statement. Our semi precious stone bracelets collection facilitates the unseen connection that gemstones are believed to share with their wearers, with each piece bringing a sense of balance and empowerment.

From calming amethyst to soothing blue topaz, our range of beaded bracelets has been carefully curated for the various energies each gem brings. Whether you are looking for an aura of calm or a lust for success, find your perfect gemstone bracelet by browsing our collection of boho-inspired bracelets, with beaded beads in a variety of colors and sizes that are ideal to create a stackable jewelry look or simply wear individually.

While most people choose to wear gemstone beaded bracelets for their aesthetic appeal, many also believe that each bead holds a certain meaning and energy that can provide health and well-being. Some gemstones, like rose quartz for love and kyanite for wisdom, are said to boost feelings of empathy and compassion while others, such as pyrite for prosperity, are known to bring good luck. Then there are those, like emerald and opal, which were traditionally worn as a sign of wealth while jade is reputed to protect one from evil thoughts.

To make the most of your bracelet’s mystical properties, we recommend that you start with a gemstone that you feel drawn to and build your stack from there. We suggest combining a few of our beaded bracelets to channel different energies, or go all out with a statement piece that harnesses the most potent energy of all, ruby red rhodochite. beaded gemstone bracelets

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