Best Refrigerant Charging Scales

Best refrigerant charging scales help technicians in weighing the amount of liquid or gaseous refrigerant that they need to recover from or charge into air conditioning and refrigeration systems. These scales measure the weight of a refrigerant tank and display that information on the screen for HVAC technicians to read. This helps them avoid either overcharging or undercharging a system which can damage it.

When choosing a refrigerant charging scale, it is important to look at its weight capacity and the form factor. You will also want to think about how portable the unit is and if it is easy to store in your toolkit. Most of these scales come with a carrying case for additional convenience. Lastly, you should also consider whether or not the scale has a back-lit display and if it is easy to read.

The Elitech air conditioning electronic refrigerant charging scale is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple, affordable scale that can read tanks of up to 220 pounds accurately. It is a durable, high performce electronic scale that features weight sensors that give highly accurate readings. In addition to that, this scale is a great value and comes with a hard carrying case for added protection.

The Fieldpiece SR47 wireless refrigerant scale is another great option for HVAC technicians. It is easy to carry and provides state-of-the-art accuracy that ensures HVAC systems get the proper charge every time. This model is also water-resistant and offers 200 hours of battery life. Best refrigerant charging scales

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