Bilanz – How to Prepare Your E-Bilanz and Deliver it to the Government Portal

Bilanz is a German language biweekly business magazine published in Zurich, Switzerland. The magazine started its edition in Germany in 2014.

BILANZ is the leading economic magazine in Switzerland, offering solidly investigated printed business journalism with an international perspective. The focus is on companies, economic events, investment and management of financial assets. The magazine also offers an annual list of the 300 richest Swiss people.

The magazine is published by Axel Springer Schweiz and is a subsidiary of Axel Springer AG. Initially, it was published on a monthly basis but switched to biweekly in 2005.

SNI is a specialist in the areas of e-bilanz and tax modifications (tax modification – reconciliation and reclassification). Its solution works in SAP, extracts data from general ledger accounts, maps them to the e-bilanz schemes and delivers the e-documents to the government’s portal directly from SAP via a connector on premise or in the cloud.

What is the e-bilanz?

The e-bilanz is an electronic balance sheet that must be sent to the tax authority in Germany. It is part of the reporting obligation according to ss portion 5b of the German Income Tax Act. The reporting obligation began in 2014.

Which information does the e-bilanz have to transmit?

The information on the e-bilanz must include an XBRL data format. This is an XML-based information standard that has been developed for the automation of business reporting.

How can a business prepare their e-bilanz?

The XBRL format is mandatory for the e-bilanz, so businesses should make sure that they are using software that can handle this type of report. The software should also have the ability to map all accounts to the e-bilanz schemes and deliver them to the government’s portal.

How can I create an e-bilanz briefingbook?

Once you have created your e-bilanz briefingbook, you need to set up a data source in SAP to link it to. Select the e-bilanz briefingbook in your Datasource config file, and then choose Create Datalink on the Disclosure Management tab.

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