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There comes a time when homeowners get tired of some of their furniture and house fixtures. At this point, they feel the need to replace these or parts of these objects, simply because they want a fresh look inside their house. This is especially true when it comes to lampshades. Replacement lamp should be chosen with care, because they are easily visible to the visitor and the homeowner and most of the time determine the overall feel of a room and house.

Sometimes the need for a replacement is based on a practical reason: the lamp is broken, damaged, torn, or misshapen. Yes, there many kinds of lamp shades that you can choose, but obviously, we can only buy the ones that fit our lamps. More importantly, they should also fit well with the current decoration of the house.

There are literally thousands and thousands of designs for lamp shades that are available. In order to find the correct lamp, consider first the style of the lamp shade you want to purchase. Is it for a table lamp? A chandelier-type lamp? Or a simple wall lamp that needs very little shade? You can ask your interior designer or a home depot personnel to guide you in selecting that perfect match.

Then there is the issue of shape. What is the shape of your original lamp? Was it circular, globe, or some other odd shape? The shape is important because the wrong shape might be disastrous match for your lamp. It is important to take note of the original shape because that was what worked for you in the first place. However, this is a general rule, and some other shapes might fit well with your current lamp.

What about the materials of both the lamp and the lamp shade? They should also match well, because if the base materials for both parts are not compatible then there is a possibility that they might further be damaged. Take into consideration the materials of the original lamp shade. Was it made of paper, glass, plastic, or silk? Whatever your final choice is, make sure that it is structurally compatible with the lamp shade or it might just fall off the lamp. In any case, also be sure to match it with the current look of the home.

There are some home depot outfits and lamp retailers that can make lamp shades according to your specifications. Once you have decided on these, you can now negotiate and plan with your home supplier provider about the exact specifications of the lamp shades in question. Take measurements of the lamp and the shade base, as well as the height of the lamp and the space surrounding the lamp. More importantly is how the shade is attached to the lamp. Take notice of those – whether it needs screws, or it needs to be glued up, or in the case of metal lamps, whether it needs to be welded tight. Boutique de veilleuse

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